Digital Literacies: Vancouver Arts LIVE!

As our final project for the senior seminar class during spring 2011, my project partner and I were assigned a task to develop a vehicle to deliver content produced for the local art organizations to a global audience via the World Wide Web, in a form of an internet TV, streaming, and on-demand services. In addition we also proposed to implement traditional and non-traditional elements of mass communication, such as cable access television, blogging, and social media sites to promote the cause. Continue reading “Digital Literacies: Vancouver Arts LIVE!”

Social Media Aesthetics

Social media changes the way we exchange information. Today, we tend to communicate via social media applications online, today, we share information in a conversational manor, we comment, tweet, blog and podcast our opinions out into the world. We often hear comments about how iReport-style and similar grassroots efforts re-shape the journalism often times in a negative perspective by introducing amateur content to the equation of the journalistic profession. I question this assumption, Continue reading “Social Media Aesthetics”