In 1992 Mikhail graduated the high school in Russia and enrolled in the 5-year technological institute Fuel Technology (Technology of Oil and Gas) program in Angarsk, Russia. Two years later, in 1994, he moved to the United States. At that time his English needed much improvement so he enrolled in Mountain View high school as a freshman. In a year and a half, he obtained a high school diploma and picked up enough English to be able to read, write and communicate and to continue his education.

While still in high school, Mikhail participated in several studio projects which contributed to the shift of his interests towards communications, arts, graphic design and video production. In September 95′, Mikhail enrolled in Mt. Hood Community College Television Production Technology Program (currently is an Integrated Media program preparing technologists for broadcast, video, graphic design and photography).  In 1997, Mikhail graduated with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Television Production Technology.  This professional technical program provided a strong foundational knowledge for video, audio, design, still and moving images and techniques, for communications and journalism. This degree helped him begin his career as a multimedia authoring specialist.

With an undergraduate degree in television production, Mikhail enrolled in WSU Vancouver and took Economics and Math prerequisites at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. In 2001, due to mom’s serious illness, Mikhail postponed his educational experience. In 2006, after a fearless battle with cancer, Mikhail’s mom passed away.  In her memory, knowing how much she wanted her son to have a good education, Mikhail resumed his educational journey at Washington State University Vancouver.

In the Fall of 2007 Mikhail enrolled in the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program (CMDC). This program compiled a great collection of courses to build a strong set of skills in digital communications and multimedia authoring, to utilize in a wide range of culturally diverse and technologically complex multimedia environments. Mikhail graduated in May, 2011 with the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture. But this was not over. Apparently, Mikhail has a thing for learning.

In the fall of 2017 Mikhail enrolled and began to work on his masters degree at Washington State University – Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. The Master of Arts – MA in Strategic Communications (expected in Spring 2019) entails a variety of studies including public relations and effective communication management for business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Creative and persuasive communication, building on mutually beneficial long-term relationships between organizations and their publics. With the emphasis on writing, research and management principles through courses in Communication & Society, Journalism & Media Production, Marketing, and Strategic Communication, Mikhail hopes to achieve the status of a effective communicator.