1. What am I looking for?

2. What tools are available?

3. How can I search this tool like an expert?

internet of things.  what is it? I typed in a Google search “Internet of Things” to look what returns to the query: Wiki was at the top of the list defining the phrase “Internet of Things” – a network of objects that are related in one way or another.  Physical objects with URL.

OK, where do I go from here?  further I read wiki to find out what does that really mean?  so as I understand it, the internet of things is where everything is tagged with RFIDs (radio tags) that transmit particular information about that object within a small radius area.  The tag is electronically scanned and the item (or even person) is located/defined/inventoried, etc.

Vocabulary – defining a term

What does the term mean – looking for the database of articles and find synonyms.

Think about search strategies, when searching for things, it is the key to make your search beyond what is described as easy to find.

Class work: Search vs. Sort

To my understanding as we collect files on our computer, we are putting them in the folders, well, when we try to decide whether it is better to keep files miscellaneous and just search for the files, or of organize them into folders and sorting the files.  Well, I think we could never have just ONE thing.  We should be able to have that rigid hierarchy, but sometimes, it is easier to be have the ability to find a file by keywords instead of looking for that “one” folder somewhere on your computer.

Class work: Google tips on web search

It really helps to read the help files…

in class we were asked by a professor to read on the search basics and practice on applying those searching techniques in practice.

I decided to use my own website:  This tremendous improvement on understanding of the phrase: “KNOWING how to search and KNOWING what you are searching for” is noticed.  With the help of the google search basics I learned that by typing a phrase or a word and adding a [] will only search my website:  I got so excited when I was able to type in [education] and get results on my educational background, it felt good to realize the site worked!  however, with my updates I uploaded recently, certain links have changed so, I am hoping the Google crawler gets to my site eventually and updates the content.

putting quotes to a phrase will provide results that are pertinent to that SPECIFIC phrase: for example [“Mikhail Oparin”] will exclude the combination of words that include my middle initial [Mikhail T. Oparin].

attaching – sign to a word provided me with the results negating the word “education” so the search on [mikhail oparin -education] returned with the pages for my facebook and twitter but not my education page.

the asterisk sign helps to use for a number of records on the same subject.

(note to self: What is interesting, before the search on Mikhail Oparin returned only the results that pertain to the general Mikhail Oparin in Russia.  Today, the name Mikhail Oparin has changed its presence on the internet…)

[intitle:index.of ] gives a basic database of a subject for example the music band.