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Mikhail OparinThank you for stopping by on my website. I appreciate your visit. This website describes my professional, educational and life experience. Best way to self-description is to say that as I discover and learn, I try my best to succeed in life as a human being. Contributing to the society, by working hard, helping others, learning and sharing the knowledge, supporting my family and share my life with my loved ones are my goals in life.

I was born and grew up in the beautiful Angarsk city, Russia, located in the Eastern Siberia some 100 km away from Lake Baikal, one of the most unique environments in the world. Siberia is my inner soul. I love my motherland. However, today, my home is in the United States of America.

In 1994 my family immigrated to the United States. Since then I live in Vancouver/Portland metro area. I enjoy the evergreen environment, friendly people, diverse communities. My favorite places to get away are the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens. I enjoy walking the Vancouver city waterfront, drive up to the Bonneville Dam, Bridge of the Gods. The Pacific Northwest is rich, diverse, and beautiful evergreen environment, which in more then one way reflects in its people. This is mostly why I love Vancouver/Portland metro and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2012 I moved to the Eastern United States. For a couple of years I lived and worked in Stephenson, which is west of the Washington, D.C. area.  For me the most prominent feature about this area is the richness of culture, history and tremendous kindness in people. There is a whole other side of the States that I got to experience and make great friendships.

My Education

In 1994, my family moved to Vancouver, USA. With very little knowledge of English, but with Russian high school diploma, and an equivalent of a freshman status from a 5-year technological institute, I singed up to attend high school in order to catch up with my language skills and be able to communicate in English naturally. In a year and a half, I obtained a high school diploma and was able to speak English well enough to proceed in my American education.

In 1995, to pursue my education, I took a placement test at the Mt. Hood Community College and was accepted. After a couple of years at MHCC, in 1997, I graduated with the Associates of Applied Science Degree in Television Production Technology. This professional technical program provided me with a good knowledge of audio, design, still and moving images, and techniques. This degree helped me build a strong foundation in video production skills.

After realizing the college degree is a good foundation for my education, and in order for me to be able to grow professionally, I decided to enroll in WSU Vancouver and began taking classes at Clark College to fulfill general education requirements. However, in summer of 2000, due to changes in my life, I had to postpone my education experience. In 2001, my mom was diagnosed with a deadly cancer and passed away in 2006 after a fearless battle with her illness.

In my mom’s memory, knowing how much she wanted me to get good education, I decided to resume my educational journey in Washington State University. In the Fall of 2007 I enrolled in the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program (CMDC) at the WSU Vancouver. This progressive program with its talented faculty, teaches a variety of disciplines in arts, humanities, and social sciences. CMDC program compiles a great collection of courses to build a strong set of skills for working in a wide range of culturally diverse, technologically complex multimedia environments. I graduated in May, 2011 with the BA in Digital Technology and Culture.

My Work

During my second year of Television Production Technology Program (now called Integrated Media Program) at Mt. Hood Community College, I was hired as an intern by the award winning government access television in Clark County/City of Vancouver, WA. After graduating Mt. Hood Community College, I became a Production Assistant, performing variety of duties from shooting B-roll to directing live events, to producing monthly programming for the studio.

The experience at CVTV was simply invaluable, because I got to utilize my degree and develop my professional skills, and had a privilege to work for local, state, and often federal government officials. I worked on video production of Chkalov memorial rededication, annual Marshal Lecture, Republican and Democratic conventions, elections coverage, and many other valuable community programming produced by CVTV.

In 2000, I was offered a full time position of a playback operator for TV ETC – The Vancouver Educational Telecommunications Consortium in Clark County, WA. This job entailed a wide variety of duties, from monitoring and maintaining considerable amount of high-tech equipment, to working on schedules, collaborating with member of the consortium on educational programming, create and publicize schedules, develop graphics an design reader board pages promoting educational content. The tools utilized were not of your average public access caliber. I worked with Design and Content management systems on a daily basis.

Between 2004 and 2008, my partner and I owned and operated our own video production business. I had a 100% satisfaction among my clients, some of my works won awards. Due to my further pursuit of educational goals, I decided to close my LLC business and move on.

I have been recognized a number of times throughout the years at ESD 112. I enjoy working with a diverse team of dedicated professionals supporting K-12 education in Southwest Washington.

Currently I am a freelance Digital Media Specialist for hire, looking for projects and career opportunities in the area. For more information please contact me.

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